Are you tired of paying through the nose for petrol? Are you looking for better fuel economy and lower running costs?



By fitting LP Gas to your vehicle you will achieve all of the above. LP Gas has been used safely in Australia for over four decades. Taxi's, Couriers, 4x4's,light commercials, vans and family sedans are all enjoying the benefits of installing this alternate fuel to their vehicles. Whether you are a private motorist, small business owner or manager of a large fleet the benefits of LP Gas are too great too ignore. LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) is a proven high performance, clean, efficient and economical alternative to petrol Rising petrol prices, diminishing world oil reserves and the need to reduce motoring costs have seen thousands of motorists convert to this alternate fuel.



Hi Tech Auto Gas provides professional LP Gas installations and maintenance to the automotive industry for over 30 years. We only use Quality systems that meet the lnternational Standard ISO 9002 for prod uction and installation Hi Tech Auto Gas strives to ensure that clients are provided with personalized and professional service embracing all necessary up to date technologies and provide servicing that meet our customers expectations. Our installations, repairs and services are carried out in accordance with AS/NZS 1425: SAA Automotive LP Gas code and AS 2746 SAA Gas Vehicles Workshop Code. All LP Gas installations, servicing and maintenance are carried out by highly qualified technicians



The benefits of converting to LPG go well beyond cheaper fuel! Not only will you substantially reduce your fuel cost at the bowser it reduces engine wear and thus servicing and general maintenance costs. lt also improves engine smoothness and reliability and it has virtually the same power output as petrol. Over 12,000 taxis and 500,00 fleet and private vehicles operate on LPG in Australia - a powerful testimony to the benefits of converting to LP Gas.



The LPG industry has to adhere to strict Australian Government standards for the manufacture and installation of LPG components and systems to give you maximum safety and peace of mind. We strongly recommend that you only fit quality recommended gas systems to your vehicle as cheaper equipment is unreliable and not as efficient. The new generation of LP Gas equipment SVI -Sequential Vapour lnjection and LPI Liquid Phase lnjection system are user friendly and superior in performance, economy and provides further reduction of exhaust emissions. LP Gas produces up to 80% less carbon dioxide than petrol which is significantly better for the environment.



The majority of vehicles are able to be converted to gas and the prices vary according to the type and age of the vehicle and where the tank is situated. Gas conversions can cost anywhere from $3500 - $5000 depending on the vehicle and the system chosen. Your investment is normally re-couped within 30,000 - 40,000 kilometers. From the moment you install your new system you will be saving money and taking a proactive step towards a greener Australia


What are the benefits of converting my vehicle to LP Gas?

This falls mainly into 3 categories

  • Economy
  • Less engine contamination
  • Environment

What will a conversion cost?

As there are many brands of equipment conversion costs do vary. At Hi-Tech we will only use what we consider is the best quality, as cheap can be expensive in the long run. Depending on the type of vehicle and the type of system as well as a range of additional options conversion costs can vary. Please feel free to call us to arrange an obligation free quote that is tailored to your budget and your vehicle. Conversions range from $3000.00 - $5000

When a vehicle is converted to LP Gas does it still use petrol?

One of the advantages of a conversion is that the vehicle now has the capability of running on both fuels which potentially means one can almost double the drivable distance. As the vehicle operates on either fuel it gives you the flexibility to switch from LP Gas to petrol and vice versa at the flick of a switch.

Where is the LPG cylinder fitted in the vehicle?

Due to the diversity and innovation of tank shapes and sizes the new generation tanks are not limited to the boot space. Depending on the type of vehicle the tanks can be mounted externally if clearance allows or in the spare wheel well. Other options are also available.

How much will I save?

From the moment you convert to LP Gas you start to save money Enter your details in the graph below and see the savings.

ls LP Gas readily available around Australia?

LP Gas is readily available even in the rural areas of Australia. With close to 3500 outlets, Australia has one of the most extensive number of filling stations in the world per capita.

Does converting to LP Gas affect my vehicle warranty?

Owing to LP Gas systems being so reliable and so widely used, your vehicle warranty should remain intact.

Will converting to LP Gas adversely affect the engine's performance?

Vehicles run very smoothly once converted to LP Gas with most people commenting that there is no noticeable difference in performance.

What certification is required when selling a LP Gas powered vehicle?

When selling an LP Gas vehicle both a LP Gas certificate and a Road Worthy Safety Certificate are required by Queensland Transport. "Please note that the LP Gas certificate must be obtained prior to the Road Worthy Safety lnspection. You must also ensure that the tank is in test and currently within the 10 year test date.